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Present position

I am professor at Sorbonne Université, in Paris, and member of the LPTHE (Laboratory of Theoretical and High Energy Physics). I am also associated with the ATLAS collaboration of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN for a study on neutrino mass models.

Research interests

My research interests span perturbative QCD, beyond the Standard Model phenomenology, LHC physics, dark matter and the development of computing tools for high-energy physics. I am also interested in the physics studies aiming to assess the potential of future high-energy physics experiments.

Books available
Latest papers
  • A Crivellin, B. Fuks and L. Schnell,
    Explaining the hints for lepton flavour universality violation with three S2 leptoquark generations
    arXiv:2203.10111 [hep-ph], submitted to JHEP.
  • J. Fiaschi, B. Fuks, M. Klasen and A. Neuwirth
    Soft gluon resummation for associated squark-electroweakino production at the LHC
    arXiv:2202.13416 [hep-ph], submitted to JHEP.
  • J.Y. Araz, B. Fuks, M.D. Goodsell and M. Utsch
    Recasting LHC searches for long-lived particles with MadAnalysis 5
    arXiv:2112.05163 [hep-ph], submitted to EPJC.
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