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Present position

I am professor at Sorbonne Université, in Paris, and member of the LPTHE (Laboratory of Theoretical and High Energy Physics). I am also associated with the ATLAS collaboration of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN for studies on neutrino mass models, leptoquarks, dark matter and long-lived particles.

Research interests

My research interests span perturbative QCD, beyond the Standard Model phenomenology, LHC physics, dark matter and the development of computing tools for high-energy physics.

Books available
Latest papers
  • M. Frank, B. Fuks, S.K. Garg and P. Poulose,
    Flavour-changing top quark decays in the alternative left-right model
    arXiv:2312.12523 [hep-ph], submitted to PLB.
  • M. Frank, B. Fuks, A. Jueid, S. Moretti and O. Ozdal
    A novel search strategy for right-handed charged gauge bosons at the Large Hadron Collider
    arXiv:2312.08521 [hep-ph], submitted to JHEP.
  • D. Agin, B. Fuks, M.D. Goodsell and T. Murphy
    Monojets reveal overlapping excesses for light compressed higgsinos
    arXiv:2311.17149 [hep-ph], submitted to PLB.
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